Martial Art Maker


All training gear is provided. Day-of scheduling is OK. Start building your own martial art by sending the form below. We'll discuss options and create your foundational curriculum. If you get stuck, consider some of these possible starting points:

Realist Jacorvist  25% Classical  |  60% Combat  |  15% Choreography
martial arts in your life with modern fight science, classical pedigree, and bold aesthetic built into the foundation from day one.

Woo Dis (NEW!) 10% Classical | 10% Combat | 10% Choreography
a rare Yang Tai Chi taught in context and with the aid of these other integral elements.

Creative Striker  15% Classical  |  70% Combat  |  15% Choreography
the more 'creative' striking of combat sports leagues like UFC and Bellator, but for those who prefer not to attend a dedicated mma/boxing gym or compete in the cage.

Selfie Warrior 25% Classical  |  15% Combat  |  60% Choreography

on camera fight choreography while maintaining awareness of the movements’ martial use.

Justified & Ancient  70% Classical | 15% Combat  |  15% Choreography
traditional martial arts focus and forms, but alway taught with immediate drills to modern application and aesthetics.

A La Kick I ntegrate one specific piece of knowledge into your style

The possibilities are only limited by creativity. How about "Zombie Apocolypse", "The Cowboy", "Self Care-wareness", etc. etc.

Burbank - Fully equipped lockout martial arts facility near the studios. Onsite parking.
Downtown Los Angeles  -  Multi-purpose matted sports facility.
Mix it Up  -  If you prefer to move to a location of your choosing.

If any, what type of martial arts experience do you have?
What martial arts, people, films, or videogames inspire you?
Questions about JACORVA?