Martial Art Maker


I began my serious martial arts training with the original Mortal Kombat fighters. The actual human beings photo-scanned as Johnny Cage, Kung Lao, Scorpion, SubZero, etc. are my senior brothers under Master Jiahua Gou. I found it fulfilling to learn the strikes, sweeps, and blocks from the guys who had provided the interactive world with such an iconic movement palate.

After traveling to Florida where I trained with 6th generation Praying Mantis master,  Art D’Agostino, I relocated to Los Angeles’ Chinatown to study with Beijing coach, Li Jing.  As she transitioned to stuntwork, I graduated to teaching at the famous Hollywood Boxing Gym. I continued my personal education in the arts under Taimak Guariello (The Last Dragon), a childhood influence of mine.

When Taimak left for New York, I took on private clients: actors, dancers, and stunt performers who needed to prep for auditions and jobs. I fought on camera; appearing in multiple television pilots, shoots, and producer meetings eventually coming up for the lead in two popular tokusatu franchises in the same month. I choregraphed numerous productions. My action design made the Blockbuster Movie "best of" list.

During this period, I assimilated aspects of both Asian and Western styles. I took a hiatus from fight coordinating because, though consistently hired, I needed to level up to the Hong Kong movies I had been watching for years.  I applied and formally studied the art of action at Rueben Langdon’s Just Cause facility. What followed were years of falls, reactions, fight choreography, acting, directing, editing and martial arts directly from Hung Ga Ban; no body was left unturned. It was there that Capcom initially cast me as Resident Evil’s Leon Scott Kennedy and to pose for Leon’s facial photo-scans for multiple game and CGI movie titles.

I evaluated the vast library of technique I had acquired. Taking the opportunity to exponentially increase the value of all I had already learned, I focused my attention to combat sport and outside-the-studio application. I added live sparring, wrestling, and padwork to my daily routine. Glendale Fighting Club, home of UFC’s Ronda Rousey and multiple world champs, was extremely helpful in augmenting my striking.

Concurrently, I studied Wing Woo family Yang tai chi privately with Grandmaster James Wing Woo (until his passing in 2014). I gained a lifetime of insight into transitional bodyweight distribution; and, fun fact,  making me a martial arts cousin of Elvis Presley.