Custom Martial Art Design

group 98 + LA Kids
The term "group 98" harkens back to the communal martial arts classes I immersed myself in during the last century. Whether it was a downtown Kung Fu school or a Tae Kwon Do studio in the suburbs, millions of Americans have experienced this type of traditional martial arts training structure. 

This was a time before I had worked professionally as a film fight coordinator and actor, taught at high-profile Hollywood gyms, learned from my childhood idols,  trained for years with members of Sammo Hung's and Jackie Chan's action teams, and studied combat sports in the same facility as numerous champions, including Ronda Rousey (during her reign as one of the most dominant UFC champs ever). 

Now, at this point in my martial arts journey, I can infuse a group martial arts class with this added first-hand knowledge and spirit of some of the world's most relevant and elite masters. group 98 programs are made-to-order JACORVA sets developed for larger classes. Participants work through the syllabus at roughly the same rate for the pre-determined time period - whether that be a two hour seminar or a ten week college quarter.

The beginning of each group 98 session is similar to one-on-one JACORVA. Traditional martial arts form preps the body and instills the groundwork for the featured lesson. It also provides a controlled wellness and lifestyle enhancing exercise to do at home.

For logistical and safety reasons, full-contact JACORVA padwork  and pre-sparring is de-emphasized in most group settings. Scaled learning occurs through performing creative striking techniques through space (shadowboxing) and engaging in demographic-appropriate movement, falling and partner drills. Currently, the City of Los Angeles
 LAKIDs program is offering a JACORVA curriculum I have constructed with special attention to community and developmental goals.

group 98 is NOT a lower-level JACORVA. The combos, strikes, and footwork are still selected from an evolving toolkit of combat sport science and time-tested classical pedigree. A private-study JACORVIST still benefits from group 98.